About Us

Created as UTA’s beachhead for corporate clients, Brand Studio helps brands develop and sustain strong attachment to consumer audiences.  More than a state of liking or a degree of preference, brand attachment is what makes great brands great—when people perceive a brand as part of who they are.

Our team of veteran researchers, strategists, designers, and creative specialists are experts in the art and science of creating brand attachment. We help our clients launch new brands, align under-performing brands and determine what a high-performance brand should do next.

Whether creating an enticing name or logo, uncovering rich insights about what attaches people to a brand, or enabling an entire experience, our approach is always the same. We connect the story of the brand to the story of the customer, creating lasting attachment and a sustainable competitive advantage.

What we do


  • Research
  • Positioning/manifesto
  • Messaging
  • Naming


  • Marketing ideation
  • Brand campaign
  • Visual identity
  • Digital design


  • Content strategy and development
  • Editorial management
  • Short and long-form filmmaking
  • Influencer strategy
  • Social and digital activation
  • Experience design
  • Engagement strategy


Veteran branding and marketing professionals with a knack for storytelling.


Larry Vincent

Founder & Chief Branding Officer

Over the last two decades, Larry has worked with globally beloved brands including Disney, MasterCard, Microsoft, the NFL, Playstation and Mattel. He is an award-winning writer and speaker whose last book, Brand Real, was selected by strategy+business magazine as one of the best business books of 2012.


R. Marcus Bartlett

Creative Director

Marcus has earned significant industry recognition for his award-winning designs and ability to translate strategic ideas into compelling and memorable brand experiences. He recently won a Clio for his work on the team that rebranded American Airlines. Previous work includes projects for Bare Minerals, Caesar’s, the Consumer Technology Association, the Elizabeth Taylor Trust, Four Seasons, McAfee, and UPS.


Glisten McCrary

Client Development Director

As the first person new clients meet, and an executive who has made a career out of championing client business and brand objectives, Glisten has worked with some of the world’s best known brands, including Google, Wells Fargo, Fandango, Acura and Apple.


We have partnered with some of the world’s leading brands.



Attachment is an emotional force that drives the behavior of every human being. That’s why it lies at the heart of Brand Studio’s strategy and creative process. Our approach is designed around three key attachment drivers:


The human brain is coded to perceive, interpret, and synthesize stories. We are all storytelling animals, feeling a sense of story even when it isn’t obvious. Brand Studio helps brands define and project an intuitive narrative that creates a strong bond with target audiences.


The best brands are not static. They interact with their audience. They create experiences. The Brand Studio approach nurtures brand communities that attract new audiences, creates opportunities for a brand to have an active social life, and focuses on activation strategies that encourage audiences to rally around core values that drive attachment.


Brands do not live in isolation. They influence and are influenced by the world around them. To create attachment you have to reflect culture and where it’s going. Media and entertainment consistently impact cultural norms, which is why Brand Studio leverages the world of design, production, digital media and the entertainment industry to sustain attachment by being relevant.