Social Media Brand Dependence

Which social media brands do US consumers feel they can’t live without? That was the question we explored in Brand Studio’s latest wave of Brand Dependence research. Partnering once again with our friends at uSamp, we surveyed 2,006 US adults 18+ and had them evaluate 15 popular social media brands using the Brand Dependence methodology. Brand Dependence measures how strong of a connection people have to a brand (brand-self connection) as well as how easy their thoughts and feelings about a brand come to mind (prominence). The combined metrics result in a Brand Dependence score that ranges from 0 to 100.

Facebook (43), Instagram (42), YouTube (39), Pinterest (38) and reddit (38) had the strongest scores overall. However, the scores shifted a great deal when filtered by gender, age and household income. For example, men scored Snapchat, reddit and vine significantly higher than women, whereas women scored Facebook and Pinterest much higher than men.

The results from the study can be found in the slides below from a presentation given by Larry Vincent on Friday at South by Southwest. You can also read more about the study in this FastCompany Create article.

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